Cascade Gateway

Rigado Cascade-500 IoT Gateway Overview

The Rigado Cascade-500 IoT Gateway

The Rigado Cascade-500 IoT Gateway

Cascade-500 series Gateways are part of Rigado’s Cascade Edge-as-a-Service solution that offer powerful and cost-effective edge network infrastructure for large-scale, low-power wireless deployments. Cascade Gateways provide commercial and enterprise IoT project and product teams with flexible edge computing power, a robust containerized application environment, and a variety of wireless device connectivity options.

The Rigado Cascade-500 IoT Gateway is the hardware component of our Cascade Edge-as-a-Service solution. It talks to all your local devices and facilitates their connectivity to the cloud.

The gateway comes with pre-installed software, including:

  • The Ubuntu Core operating system
  • Edge Connect, to connect the gateway to devices such as Bluetooth beacons and sensors, and get device data to the cloud
  • Edge Direct, for managing gateways at scale: configuration, change management,
    performance monitoring, and organization by site
The Rigado Cascade-500W Cellular IoT Gateway

The Rigado Cascade-500W Cellular IoT Gateway

The 500-W version of the Cascade-500 IoT Gateway includes all of the same features and also includes an embedded cellular modem, SIM card slot and external antennae.

For more information about installing gateway hardware, see Installation.


For more details on the Cascade-500, including the full specification, click here.

Why We Use Ubuntu Core OS

Ubuntu Core is the operating system for our Cascade-500 IoT Gateway. Ubuntu Core is a minimalist rendition of Ubuntu. It is a lightweight, transactionally-updated OS, where every installed application is confined from others.


You can find more information here

Ubuntu Core is designed to run securely on autonomous devices like the Cascade-500 Gateway.

Its key features include:

  • Faster, more reliable, and stronger security guarantees for apps and users.
  • Atomic transactional upgrades for apps and the OS itself, all of which can be rolled back if needed, for simple maintenance and upgrades.
  • Separation of OS and application files as a set of distinct read-only images, to easily and securely add multiple apps and functionalities onto a single device.
  • Signature authentication to prove that what's running is exactly what developers have published, for greater end-user security.

The automatic patches and security updates that keep the Ubuntu Core operating system up-to date are delivered by our Edge Protect Software Maintenance Program.

Secure Boot

When the gateway is manufactured, we use a trusted key that generates a super root key in the gateway. This key cannot be accessed directly. The boot instructions are signed with that key, which means that anyone who changes the boot instructions needs to have signed it with that key. This ensures that your gateway will only boot up with verified instructions.

Full Disk Encryption

For improved security, the entire file system is encrypted. In the future, we will be implementing a feature called Secure Element, which acts as an encryption engine, providing greater encryption possibilities through the hardware itself.