User Management

Rigado's Edge Direct platform offers easy user management features to help your team quickly add, remove, and recover user accounts inside our User Management page.

All existing accounts will be assigned an Administrator role at launch and have access to User Management. Existing user’s roles can be adjusted to restrict access through the User Management menu, if desired.

User Management Menu

The "User Management" menu is located down the left-hand side of the screen inside your Edge Direct account.

Create User

Inside the Create User menu, you will be able to select the level of access per user via the drop down menu, User role. This role may be modified later.

After a new user has been added, they will receive an email with a link to sign in to Edge Direct and a temporary password to reset after their first login.


Note that a single user can have access to multiple Site locations, but only one access level / role type can be granted per user email.

Edge Direct's User Management, User Role Access Levels

Edge Direct's User Management, User Role Access Levels

New Site Access is an optional box you can check for non-administrator users that allows that user to automatically gain access to new Sites as they are created into the future. This option can be enabled or disabled at any time when editing existing users after initial setup.

New Site Access, Optional Setting

New Site Access, Optional Setting

User Roles Types

There are four types of User Roles available inside Edge Direct. Users that are inside your organization can be granted one access level to all, some or one Site inside your organization. The four types of user roles are:

  • Administrators: Administrators have full access to all Edge Direct features, global settings, and Sites. This is the only role that can manage other User’s access and Roles
  • Site Owner: Site Owners have full access to all Edge Direct features within the Sites they are assigned. Site Owners allow for full control over selected Sites without visibility into unselected ones.
  • Site Watcher: Site Watchers have read-only access to selected Sites only. This gives visibility to a Site’s health and configuration without the risk of impacting Site operations.
  • Installer: Installers have limited feature access to selected Sites for installation and provisioning. Installers permissions are restricted to Network and site specific configurations.

User Role Feature Access

Feature AccessAdministratorSite OwnerSite WatcherInstaller
User managementYesNoNoNo
API Token managementYesNoNoNo
Site creation/deletionYesNoNoNo
Sites TableYesAllowed Sites onlyAllowed Sites onlyAllowed Sites only
Site OverviewYesAllowed Sites onlyRead onlyRead only
Site Maintenance WindowYesAllowed Sites onlyRead onlyRead only
Site ConfigurationsRead/WriteRead/WriteRead onlyNetwork & NTP only
Config VariablesRead/WriteRead/WriteRead onlyRead/Write
Container Token creationRead/WriteNoNoNo
Gateways TableYesAllowed Sites onlyNoAllowed Sites only
Gateways ConfigurationsYesAllowed Sites onlyAllowed Sites - read onlyNetwork & NTP only
Gateway TagsYesAllowed Sites onlyAllowed Sites - read onlyAllowed Sites only
Gateway LogsYesAllowed Sites onlyNoNo
Unassigned GatewaysYesYesRead onlyYes
Apps TabYesNoNoNo
Bundles TabYesNoNoNo
Devices TableYesAllowed Sites onlyAllowed Sites - Read onlyAllowed Sites only
Device PropertiesYesAllowed Sites onlyAllowed Sites - Read onlyAllowed Sites only
Tag Keys TabYesNoNoNo
Configuration Variables TabYesNoNoNo
CLI AccessYesAllowed Sites onlyAllowed Sites - Read onlyAllowed Sites only

Modify User Roles / Permissions

To modify user role permissions, select the "User Management" menu down the left-hand side of the screen inside your Edge Direct account. Inside the User Management page, hover over the email of the user you wish to modify and select the blue "Details" button on the right-hand side.

The User Role menu will open with the options to Reset Password, Delete User Role, Modify the access level granted ( Administrator, Site Owner, Site Watcher, Installer) and enable or disable access to any Site listed.

After changes, ensure you click the "Submit" button.

You can click on the "Reset" button to reset to the organizations default permissions.

User Role Limits

There is currently no limit to how many users you can add to your account. We highly encourage you to actively maintain your user management list and remove any users who are no longer with your company.

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