Software Releases - Rigado Edge Connect

Rigado Edge Connect

Release Date 2024.03-12

Version 2024.02-03 | Revision 6931

Complete change log

Edge Connect Hotfix Release 2204.02-03

Bug Fixes

* Fixed issue with default settings when Nordic DFU is used in configs/recipes

Release Date 2024.03-06

Version 2024.02-02 | Revision 6905

Complete change log

Edge Connect Hotfix Release 2204.02-02

Bug Fixes

* Fixed issue with ephemeral device types creating perisitent properties
* Fixed issue with MQTT subscribe topics and the RecipeVar template function
* Fixed possible panic in legacy advertising
* Reduce logging output when advertising input overflows

Release Date 2024.02-28

Version 2024.02-01 | Revision 6867

Complete change log

Edge Connect 2204.02-01

Release notes

Major New Features

* BLE 5.4 ESL Profile support on nRF and Silabs radios
* Enhanced metrics and RPC support
** New scanning metrics, ESL tracking metrics, and many others
* Influx DB integration over Edge Direct relay and as direct publish
* GPS/GNSS support for built-in Cradlepoint hardware

Other features

* Basic error reporting support for pipeline componentes (filters/actions/etc)
* Legacy advertising support for nRF and Silabs radios
* Additional configuration options for Nordic DFU
* Template function FromJSON now takes any type
* H4 Socket can now pull Radio information from environment variables

* Support for JSON input over USB (power monitor, etc)

Bug Fixes

* Fixed an issue where assigned devices were being incorrectly removed
* Matcher templates correctly check for string literals
* FwUpdate filter now checks the pipeline event for a DeviceId
* Fixed Nordic DFU manifest JSON parsing
* Improved reconnect backoff logic for Azure and Azure DPS
* Fixed issue with bad URL strings in httpfetch
* Fixed issue with ephemeral devices and tracking
* Fixed a DFU logging issue
* Fixed an issue with device reports

Release Date 2023.08-01

Version 2023.08-01 | Revision 6321

Complete change log

Edge Connect 2023.08-01

Release notes

- Support for GPS devices with new `gps` eventType. Includes support for GPS devices connected through GPSd or serial/usb port. 

- New ability to advertise packets on the Cascade Gateway using new `bleAdvertiser` filter. 

Template Functions
- New template function `RecipeVar` to dynamically fetch the value of any recipe variable
- New `Device.MAC` function for function MAC of current device

- All wirepas events now include the `dataBytes` field that includes the event data in a []byte

- New `combine` filter for combining multiple async events
- New `codec2` filter for decoding PowerFleet LV-760 sensor
- `decode` filter now allows self-referencing prior keys created by the same decode filter
- `httpFetch` filter now supports retries with new `attempts` and `retryDelay` configuration options
- `emitEvent` filter now includes device identity with it in the emitted event
- `emitEvent` filter supports new `if` property for conditionally emitting

Cloud Connectors
- MQTT connector now supports templating of `host`, `port`, `scheme`, and `base`
- Events from MQTT device subscriptions now include the `deviceId` in the event
- Remove Google Cloud IoT Core support as it has shut down

Bug Fixes
- EC-1058: potential panic in site device manager shutdown
- EC-1060: events with undetectable device type were getting processed by some device filtered pipelines
- EC-1067: device LRU was dropping active devices when device cache got too large
- EC-1068: fix potential panic with empty stats
- fix recipe overriding global metadata using variable 

Release Date 2023.04.26

Version 2023.03-01 | Revision 5958


  • Wirepas OTAP and configuration improvements
  • Allow for translation of cloud provided deviceIds
  • Misc Bluetooth improvements

Complete change log

Rigado 2023.03-01 release notes

EC-985: Update BLE lib to set Suggested Max TX Length - less packets will be fragmented during transfer
EC-989: ble - improve notification handling, add configurable notification timing/buffer sizes
EC-1000: Add Bluetooth support for Ubuntu Core 20

EC-994: Expand Wirepas OTAP filter options - Update Wirepas OTAP to support supplying sequence number, action, and action param as required
EC-1010: Allow recipes to specify a version of Wirepas and validate it is being used by the main config, use the wirepas connector from inside a recipe

Cloud Connectors
EC-1028: Update Azure library and dependencies 
EC-1033: allow for translating cloud provided deviceId to a 'deviceId' field in event map

EC-991: Fix panic in Wirepas OTAP Filter
EC-1026: improve logging of byte arrays
EC-1030: fwupdate - fix initialization error
EC-1046: decode - allow self referenced fields

ED-995: remove unused batteryLevel concept from device groups
EC-1027: templates - return int64 instead of int when converting string to int

Release Date 2022.11.11

Version 2022.10-1 | Revision 5638

Change log

Edge Connect 2022.10-01

Support for activeScanning bluetooth option in recipes.

Support for keystore usage in MQTT credentials
New `cloudStatus` event emitted when clouds are connected. 

`hash` filter can now perform an using secrets provided by the keystore

Wirepas devices now automatically use their `srcAddr` as their `deviceID`

New `keystore` events when a keystone item is updated or deleted. 
DeviceTypes can now be marked as `ephemeral`, which prevents Edge Connect from storing in-memory information about them. 

Bug Fixes:
EC-668: fix for legacy serial and timestamp inject not tolerating template funcs.
EC-871: Extend adv decode error suppression to BGAPI
EC-949: bgapi - error handling, flush rx buffers, fix panic, stateful scanning.
EC-958: bgapi - enable debug logging only when log.bleDebug:true.
EC-967: misc logging bug fixes and ability to log to a file
EC-978: bluetooth scanning can get stuck due to non-fatal errors
EC-981: fix deviceAssignment events not firing for SDM provisioned devices
EC-986: fix for device group includeList breaking deviceType detection

Release Date 2022.08.31

Version 2022.08-01 | Revision 5458

Change log

New Features:
	Allow Root CAs to be loaded from configuration and added as additional CAs for Cloud Connectors
	Added support for Wirepas v5.2
	Added support for Wirepas network on Cisco Access Point containers

	Better handling for invalid or missing recipes
	Improved retry logic when downloading recipes
	Memory usage optimizations in logging and templating
	Improvements to Site Device Manager behavior under certain conditions
	Changed output type for Device Report filter to better integrate with other filters

Bug fixes:
	Fixed possible Bluetooth scanning lockup
	Fixed an issue with clearing persistent metadata
	Fixed BLE restart when no advertisements are detected for 10 minutes
	Reverted change that deletes device metadata when devices are removed from a device group

Release Date 2022.06.16

Version 2022.06-01 | Revision 5309

Change log

Filters & Devices:
* New filter to support Wirepas OTAP
* Add filter for processing Onset Hobo MX1105 advertising payloads

* Add discrete stats for BLE Advertisements and each distinct EventType

Cloud Connectors:
* Update CA in Azure Connectors to allow for Azure’s CA Migration
* Auth w/ x509 to Azure IOTHub

Bug Fixes:
* EC-901 / When the network is unstable during startup, retry connecting to Edge Direct
before fetching Recipes or using Site Device Manager.  
* EC-900 - Change scanner automatic healing/restart to only use stats for BLE

Release Date 2022.05.17

Version 2022.05-02 | Revision 5270

Change log

* Version information is now included in the docker manifest
* Show log timestamps when running in a container

Template Functions:
* Matchers now have access to the event object in template functions

* EC-862: adjust mqtt relay recipe connect timeout to handle slower startup, especially
during provisioning
* EC-866: fix mixed declarations in mapbuilder keypairs - fixes conflicts between dot
key or nested map notation when injecting values
* EC-882: only start mdns when we are in a snap environment
* EC-886: hotfix - teardown api when restart scheduled
* EC-887: fix duplicate hci in cascade radio metrics

Release Date 2022.04.13

Version 2022.03-01 | Revision 5184

Change log

New Feature - Site Device Manager
* New device group type `managed` that will use Edge Direct to automatically provision
devices across gateways in a site.
* This helps remove the need for manually provision, with devices being assigned to
the best choice gateway.
* Devices are rebalanced on a configurable interval (default 24hr).
* No more duplicate devices both trying to connect and publish to the same cloud!

* Improvements to establishing connections
* Better connection logging
Template Functions:
* Add template functions for MAC 48 to EUID 64 and back
* ChunkBytes for splitting up byte arrays

* Byte array payloads get logged as hex for readability, optional truncation of byte

* EC-868: Fix issue where startup failed if MQTT relay to Edge 

Direct is not available
* EC-859/EC-858 : Fix startup issues with wirepas
* EC-849: Misc startup issues

Release Date 2022.01.31

Version 2022.01-01 | Revision 4978

Change log

* Edge Connect now supports Wirepas v4 and v5 on cascade devices with both sinks
and publishing.

Device Reporting to Edge Direct:
* This is now a first class feature and doesn’t require importing a recipe. Enable
devices.monitoring.enabled = true to turn it on. Requires your organization in Edge
Direct to have this feature enabled.

* New keystore mechanism for storing and deriving secrets.

* `httpFetch` filter now considers all 2xx responses successful by default.
Cloud Connectors:
* `http` connector now considers all 2xx responses successful by default.

* Multiple versions of a recipe can be requested, the containing config file can choose
the appropriate version to use.
* Number of recipes is now included in metrics.

* New `RawInput` template function for getting the raw bytes of event payloads.
* New `CastNumberToSize` for byte-sizing numbers properly

* Restart / reattempt if an error occurs with hci0 on cascade.
* Basic monitoring and configuration of CA-55 remote antennas

Bug Fixes:
* EC-799: Fix possible panic in MDNS processing.
* EC-800: fix runner panic
* EC-804: set snap health to OK after programming custom firmware
* EC-816: only check hci0 exists instead of requiring it be up
* EC-820: pipelines with multiple device groups were only matching against the first one
in the list
* EC-824: fix event processing priority handling
* EC-826: Fix aggregate and throttle filter metrics not appearing.
* EC-828: remove root namespaced cloud connector restriction for mqttble

* Gateway metrics are now available embedded in Edge Connect metrics (requires
rigado-deviceops update).


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