rigado config list-requested

Retrieve the requested configuration state(s) for a gateway


Retrieve the requested configuration state(s) for a gateway.

By default, –all is false. This means that only the most recent (newest) configuration(s) will be listed. If you use –all (true), –type is required. This is a Config States command. Config States is a feature of Edge Direct that allows you to see and manage a gateway’s configuration. This command will only return a requested configurations when the Config States feature is enabled for the gateway and organization. If Config States is not enabled, it does not mean that your gateway is not configured, but that requested configurations are simply sent to the gateway when requested and are not stored in the app.


$ rigado config list-requested --serial SERIAL --type CONFIG_TYPE [--all] [flags]


    --all             False by default. If set to true, return all requested configurations of the requested type.
-h, --help            help for list-requested
    --serial string   The serial number of the gateway unit the configuration is for. (required)
    --type string     The type of configuration. Valid values are APP_SET, TIME, NETWORK, EAP_MODE.

Options inherited from parent commands

    --apisecret string   API Secret for authentication (instead of user-based auth)
    --apitoken string    API Token for authentication (instead of user-based auth)
-j, --json               Output JSON instead of formatted strings, when possible.