1.3. Edge Direct: Orchestration Tools

Edge Direct is the central monitoring dashboard for Cascade gateways. Quickly see live gateway performance metrics like CPU load, memory usage, and connectivity. Group gateways into Sites based on install location, and organize them with gateway- or site-level key:value Tags. It’s secure–all software is cryptographically signed and verified. Edge Direct’s API enables the creation of performance-based alerts with third-party alerting systems.

Edge Direct is also the tool for configuring Cascade gateways. Sites allow Edge Direct to deliver configuration remotely to multiple gateways at once. This includes configuration for Edge Connect, network configuration, and other system settings.

For more information about Edge Direct, see Edge Direct Reference.

1.3.1. Software Maintenance Program

The Software Maintenance Program is Rigado’s policy of updating the software on its Cascade gateways. Rigado updates applications made by Rigado, Canonical, and Rigado partners.

Rigado manages software updates for two main reasons:

  1. Security: Rigado maintains the highest level of security possible on your Cascade systems. We have access to embargoed security vulnerabilities ahead of public release. This means that we can release fixes for critical vulnerabilities on the day they are made public.
  2. New features & product improvements: We are constantly improving Cascade by adding more powerful features, more configurability, more integrations for sensors and cloud providers, etc.

More information on this program is in Software Maintenance Program.

1.3.2. Early Access Program

Rigado provides a way to put a Cascade gateway in “Early Access Program” (or “EAP”) mode. When in this mode, gateways receive release-candidate builds of system software. These updates apply automatically, four times a day. This allows for proactive management and troubleshooting of issues that might arise when these system updates are released into production. Additionally, Rigado provides its own application updates through the candidate channel at least one week before these updates hit stable, to provide customers with plenty of time to validate and test their systems.

More information on this program is in Early Access Program.