7.1. Connecting the Gateway to Wi-Fi

The Cascade Gateway comes with an app called rigado-network-config pre-installed. When the gateway boots up and does not have an active connection for its wlan0 interface, it will run a webserver to enable a user to select a Wi-Fi network to connect to.

7.1.1. Step 1

Power the gateway, and wait for it to fully boot up. Once it’s booted, its LED will be solid green. See Gateway Boot Status for more information about LED states.


Also make sure your gateway is not immediately adjacent to other devices broadcasting Wi-Fi signals, as this can slow down or even stall the rigado-network-config application.

7.1.2. Step 2

Open your computer’s network settings and look for a Wi-Fi network. For instance, if your gateway’s unit serial number is E021031821-00044, the SSID of its access point will be


Connect to this network.


This access point does not share the network connection from the gateway’s Ethernet interface. If your computer is only using a wireless interface, connecting to the gateway will mean your computer will not have general Internet access.

7.1.3. Step 3

Navigate your web browser to


Select your preferred network from the list.



The rigado-network-config app currently does not support connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi networks, hidden networks, or networks with WPA2-Enterprise security.

Enter its password, and click Connect.


Confirm the dialog by clicking Yes.


After you submit the form, the gateway will stop hosting its AP, meaning your computer will switch back to another network connection. The gateway may take a few minutes to finish its configuration.

7.1.4. Step 4

If the configuration succeeds, you can determine its IP address.

If its configuration fails, the gateway will host the web-server again and turn its AP back on (IoT-Gateway-Setup). One common reason configuration fails is because the network password had been entered incorrectly. Do Steps 2 through 4 again.

7.1.5. Disconnecting the Gateway from the Network

Obtain the gateway’s IP address and navigate your browser to http://<ip-address>:8080.


Click Disconnect from Wi-Fi to disconnect the gateway from its current network.

The gateway will configure itself and after a few minutes will begin hosting its IoT-Gateway-Setup-NNNNN access point again.


If you need to connect the gateway to a WPA2-Enterprise network, you will need to SSH into the gateway and configure the connection manually. In order to SSH into the Cascade-500, see Using SSH to Connect Directly to a Gateway. Once you have SSH setup, you can then do something like this: NetworkManager-WPA2-Enterprise-Setup to setup up your gateway on the WPA2-Enterprise network.