3.7. Software Maintenance Program

3.7.1. Introduction

The Software Maintenance Program is Rigado’s policy of updating the software on its Cascade gateways. Rigado updates all “system apps” (applications made by Rigado or Canonical) and all “partner apps” (applications made by Rigado’s partners for use on our gateways).

3.7.2. Program Description

The two main features of the software maintenance program are the rapid deployment of security patches and the delivery of new features, system updates and product improvements.

Rigado maintains the highest level of security possible on your Cascade systems. This includes applications Canonical provides for the Ubuntu Core operating system. The Ubuntu Core Linux team is part of a small group of collaborators who have access to “embargoed” Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs). An embargoed CVE is one that has a number but is not yet public. Having access to these CVEs means that Ubuntu Core usually releases security updates for critical CVEs within hours of when the embargo is lifted, which means that Rigado can release fixes for critical vulnerabilities on the day they are made public; a huge advantage in keeping Cascade and your systems secure. Rigado will contact you to coordinate any urgent security vulnerability updates as they become available.

Rigado is constantly improving Cascade by adding more powerful features, more configurability, more integrations for sensors and cloud providers, etc. As of early 2020, Rigado is using a quarterly release cycle to update the system software on your Cascade gateways. This release cycle will pertain only to applications made by Canonical, Rigado, and Rigado partners. More details about this release cycle will be available soon.

Rigado will not update customer-made applications. Customers with their own applications have the ability to define their own maintenance windows.

3.7.3. Validation Testing

Before updating any customer gateways with new software, Rigado uses an “Early Access Program” to test the updates for at least seven days. This program is described in more detail in Early Access Program.

Rigado sets up two or more gateways in its facility per customer, and uses these gateways to validate release-candidate software updates against the customer’s configuration and data pipeline.

Depending on how a customer’s gateways are set up in production, we may also recommend that each customer maintain one or more gateways in EAP mode. This is especially pertinent to customers running their own custom software on the gateway, or customers with strict networking or environmental requirements. If the customer runs gateways in EAP mode, we will notify them when it’s time to validate new release-candidate versions.

Our Solutions Engineering team works directly with each customer to make sure they get all updates. The customer will specify a maintenance window that works for them. During this window, Rigado will update the system apps on each of that customer’s gateways.