4.1. Edge Connect Configuration

4.1.1. Introduction

Rigado Edge Connect is an optimized BLE connectivity app that runs on a Rigado gateway. Edge Connect scans for BLE data and makes it available to BLE Pipelines. A Pipeline is made up of a list of Filters that process raw BLE data by filtering, manipulating, and eventually publishing to the cloud or other data endpoint.

Note that Rigado largely handles gateway configuration for you.

4.1.2. Sending Configuration

  • Configuration is composed, maintained, and delivered in JSON format.
  • Most Rigado customers will coordinate their configuration with our Solutions Engineering team.
  • Customers may deliver configuration to our CLI command and API endpoint.
  • Edge Connect configuration resides within the App Sets type of a gateway’s configuration.


If Configuration States is not yet enabled for your Edge Direct instance, gateways must be online to receive configuration commands. A configuration command—and its payload—will only be sent to a gateway once. If the gateway is offline, it will not receive the new configuration.

JSON Examples Available Here.

4.1.3. Complete Configuration Reference

Reference for all configuration options and available filters can be found in the Edge Connect Configuration Reference