Rigado’s Edge-as-a-Service architecture is a powerful combination of hardware and services that provides a complete sensor-to-cloud data pipeline enabling our customers to securely set up, collect and interact with IoT sensor data from the physical world in just a few steps. Edge-as-a-Service utilizes standard wireless protocols and direct connectivity to the cloud, enabling nearly any device-to-cloud integration.


Figure 1 The Rigado Edge-as-a-Service Platform Architecture

  • Cascade Gateway hardware to facilitate the data pipeline from sensor to cloud with a full range of IoT networking options to support both existing devices and future solutions.
  • Edge Connect secure connectivity and computing platform with secure, containerized Ubuntu Core edge operating system.
  • Edge Direct dashboard that allows IoT teams to manage and organize gateways by site, monitor gateway performance, update configurations, and administer change management. Edge Direct also automatically delivers OS patches and security updates.

Our Edge-as-a-Service architecture combines Rigado’s Cascade-500 IoT Gateways with a secure platform, a managed service and scalable tools; all offered as a single monthly subscription.

Legacy Customers

For Rigado’s customers running legacy Cascade systems with custom applications, see the documentation here.

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